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Not Just Your Typical Resolution (2/1/2004)
  Spiritual discipline is often hard to attain, but is essential to grow in faith and service to God. This article offers advice on how to best set yourself up for success when it comes to spiritual training.
thESource Book Club: Sustainable Youth Ministry, pt. 4 (9/30/2009)
  Discussion of Chapters 8 and 9 from Mark DeVries' Sustainable Youth Ministry
thESource Book Club: When Kids Hurt, pt. 3 (11/18/2009)
Bible Study: Lamentations (7/28/2011)
  Many of us can find consolation in the grieving words of Lamentations. For others, walking down the darkest paths can help us understand the light.
thESource Book Club: Sustainable Youth Ministry, pt. 1 (9/9/2009)
  A discussion on chapter one of Sustainable Youth Ministry
thESource Book Club: Sustainable Youth Ministry, pt. 3 (9/23/2009)
  Discussing Chapters 5 and 7 of Mark DeVries' Sustainable Youth Ministry
thESource Book Club: Sustainable Youth Ministry, pt. 2 (9/16/2009)
  Discussion questions for Chapter 4 of Sustainable Youth Ministry.
thESource Book Club: When Kids Hurt, pt. 2 (11/11/2009)
thESource Book Club: When Kids Hurt, pt. 4 (11/24/2009)
thESource Book Club: The Forgotten Ways (12/9/2009)
  Alan Hirsch sends a captivating message to the reader: the people of God carry the same potency of the gospel as early Christians but we have forgotten how to access it.
A Young Woman's Perspective on Serving the Church (6/1/2005)
  Men and women alike are uncomfortable talking about what women should or should not be allowed to do and say in our congregations. However, God created both men and women to serve Him and to do so together. This article offers one young woman's perspective on what that means.
thESource Book Club: Sustainable Youth Ministry, pt. 5 (10/7/2009)
  Discussions from Chapter Ten
thESource Book Club: When Kids Hurt, pt. 1 (10/14/2009)
  Is adolescence THAT much different from when I was a teenager?
Yabbadabbadoo! (1/1/2004)
  When serving as a full-time church worker, it is tough to balance time to family and time to church. Where should your priorities lie? Rev. Jeff Kunze offers some perspective in this article.
To Stratify Well (6/1/2006)
  All professional church-workers are Called to "equip the Saints" in congregations, which includes all ages of Gods people!
Girl Talk: Listen to Your Sisters (10/31/2007)
  Women in ministry should mentor one another and grow together
Girl Talk: Jael the Goldfish (8/31/2007)
  Given the confusion and frustrations women youth workers may face, it is easy to see why we might be tempted to become bitter. The Old Testament story of Deborah brings a new perspective. In Judges 5:7 she calls herself “a mother in Israel”. The picture of her as a mother, and servant-leader doesn’t bring to mind an image of bitterness and anger. The patience and tough love she showed Barak is a testimony of ‘speaking the truth in love’.
Girl Talk: St. Mary Lutheran (1/2/2008)
  In this fresh installment of Girl Talk, Jessica Bordeleau invites us to use the servant model of Mary, the Mother of Jesus as an example of seeing ministry as all about God, instead of all about us.
Girl Talk: We are all Just Sheep (7/1/2008)
  Even leaders need a shepherd. And a friend.
Girl Talk: The St. Martha Syndrome (4/10/2008)
  Consider how the Word provides the oxygen we need to truly serve others. Let's be Martha's, who take a cue from Mary!
Office Space - Set the Mood with Flair (6/7/2007)
  Believe it or not, staying refreshed on the job has a great deal to do with how your space is configured. Consider some ideas for revamping your "office space."
10 Ways to Retreat and Be Still (7/2/2007)
  The digital age is loud. It doesn't take much to realize you need quiet time. Here are 10 small ways to be still and unwind.
Avoid the Burn (5/29/2007)
  It is crucial to remember that those in ministry are role models, not only to the participants of our programs, but also to the many whom volunteer and work along side us. Are we allowing others to risk burnout in their volunteer ministry because we over-commit and can't say, "No!"? Reflect on a list of practical ways to avoid burnout in the field of youth ministry.
The Stride: Ask the Two Questions (1/2/2008)
  Veteran DCE, Bob McKinney shares insights into lessons, both big and not-so-big that he has encountered in his years in youth ministry.
The Rookie Minefield (9/1/2005)
  What every rookie youth worker ought to know, from the pen of long-time youth worker Jeffrey Meinz.
The Time of Our Life (1/1/2005)
  The perception that church work can disrupt families is rather common, but it isn't necessarily true. Kathy Chapin is a Lutheran elementary educator who works with over 40 first – eighth graders as one of two teaching staff members for the school of Trinity Lutheran Church, Orchard Farm, Missouri. She and her husband Dave have created a system that affords Kathy the sometimes-long hours on the job without doing damage to their relationship. Their example can be a model for others serving in the Church.
Maintaining a Heatlhy Body (10/1/2004)
  The human body, both mind and flesh and blood, work together so intricately that the health of one is affected by the health of the other. While it isn't important to look like a fitness guru, it is simple good form to show the same concern for your own physical health as you show for your students'. This article shows you how you might begin the process.
Boundaries: Secrets from DCEs who Thrived, Not Just Survived (5/29/2009)
  Each year dozens of professional church workers leave their position at their church. Why they leave is no secret to many of us. But there are other secrets you should know. The secrets that cause purposeful thriving and not accidental surviving.
Organic Mentoring (11/13/2009)
  Organic mentoring depicts a mutual relationship that is developing, dynamic, adaptable, encourages steady change (as opposed to instant change), and allows for interdependency of those involved.
The Stride: Longevity in Youth Ministry (9/1/2005)
  Is it possible to be a church worker after the age of 35? Absolutely! Veteran youth worker Dr. Steve Christopher offers encouragement and advice on staying the youth ministry course and avoiding burnout.
But When It Comes to Time, What is Important? (1/1/2005)
  In this article, Rev. Terry Dittmer encourages youth workers to evaluate how they are spending their time, and to commit to spending more time with eternal things.
In Control (2/1/2004)
  After suffering a heart attack, Rev. Terry Dittmer made some major life changes to get his life back on track. In this short article, he offers suggestions on how you can make changes toward a more disciplined life as well.
From Where I Sit: The Challenges and Joys of Youth Ministry (11/12/2010)
  Terry Dittmer, director of LCMS Youth Ministry, discusses the challenges and joys of Youth Ministry.
Stages: The Life of a Youth Worker (7/1/2008)
  Every youth worker goes through various stages in ministry, from fresh-faced college grad to experienced veteran. Along the way there are many challenges, joys, and growth experiences both in ministry and at home. How do you balance the two at these different stages in your life?
Maintaining Nutritional Health (10/1/2004)
  Keeping healthy is vitally important, especially for we Christians. Free in Christ, we are not also free to fight the temptation to neglect our physical well-being. This brief article offers suggestions on how to begin.
On the Edge (10/1/2004)
  Encounter the real story of a Church worker on the edge of burnout. Discover how prayer, the Word, dilligence, boundaries and taking time helped one servant regain her sense of direction.
The Stride: My First Youth Ministry Injury: Or, the Day I Realized I Was Old (10/30/2007)
  Turning 35 doesn't age one out of a job in youth ministry when the focus is on the ministry and not the programs. Discover practical ways to keep the pace through the middle years of ministry.
The Chain Gang - Reflections on Ministry Life (5/29/2007)
  Columnist Mike Weider encourages youth workers not to be crippled by a sense of "burden" in ministry; it's not really about you anyway!
The Stride: The Core (5/29/2007)
  Part three of our six month "The Stride" series gets real about the need to strengthen your core - your faith - through discipline and the Word.
The Stride: Variety! Having Fun (8/31/2007)
  Ministry can have the potential to become very routine. Programs that a youth minister, teacher or pastor inherit can carry high priorities and are often very valuable programs. Newly introduced events can also quickly attain this status if they are well done and seen to be beneficial. And, while you appreciate people’s enthusiasm over these, they can get stale and cease to be enjoyable. What can be done to add variety and fun so you are revitalized to carry on these useful routine ministries?
The Stride: The Offseason (10/31/2007)
  In this final installment of his 6-part column, veteran Ed Staude discusses ministry life, in the "offseason".
The Stride: Finding Your Stride (2/1/2007)
  This introduction to our regular column, The Stride, explores running as a metaphor for effective youth programming. Check it out!
The Stride: What Was I Thinking (4/26/2007)
  In this column, veteran Lutheran church worker, Ed Staude continues his analogy of running the "ministry race."
The Stride: Intense Workouts (7/2/2007)
  Continue the running metaphor for ministry in this month's column. Whether you run or not, consider how to incorporate the concept of "intense workouts" into your ministry programs.
Girl Talk: Change (7/2/2007)
  How do you deal with change? “I the Lord do not change.” Malachi 3:6. That is good news! No matter the state of the world and the sinful human condition, God does not waver with His love and grace. God does not change in his desire to reach all with His love.
Girl Talk: What is Best (2/1/2007)
  For those of us who spend the majority of our lives in careful preparation, the story of Mary and Martha strikes a resonant note. This article provides encouragement to the busiest among us to take a moment to sit at the Teacher's feet.
Girl Talk: Don't You Love It (4/26/2007)
  Cheri Selander shares what she loves most about being a woman serving in youth ministry in this, the second installment of her "Girl Talk" column.
Girl Talk: The Friend Factor (5/29/2007)
  God created us to be in relationships. Friendships are important to our emotional health. Friendships can come in all shape and sizes, there is no norm. How are your friends a support for your ministry?
Giving Time IS Giving Life (1/1/2005)
  Time is God's gift to us, and the choices we make in spending our time have lasting effects upon us and those we love. This article discusses how this fact may impact the life of a busy church worker.
Starting Today (1/1/2005)
  Advent and Christmas often prove to be trying times in the life of a church worker. This article provides encouragement and advice on renewing your focus after the chaotic "holiday season."
As Iron Sharpens Iron (8/1/2004)
  As a team leader, it is possible to encourage competition amongst team members and still maintain the big picture focus. This article shows you how.
One Volunteer's Perspective on Avoiding Burnout (6/1/2004)
  Volunteers in any area of the Church face a difficult and sometimes thankless task. Fortunately, the rewards volunteering can bring often override the frustrations and hardships. In this short article, Martha Andres, a long time volunteer, offers her perspective on how volunteers can avoid becoming overwhelmed and burnt out while on their individual ministry journeys.
In the Starting Block (10/30/2007)
  DCE Nicole Craig takes a look at her first strides in youth ministry and helps us understand that sometimes, the ultimate Coach wants us running a different road altogether.
The Rookie: In the Hole (11/3/2008)
  I'm there. You know that place I'm talking about--the one where ideas are few and far between, where God seems so far away, where the old tricks aren't working, where what you're trying feels like much less than what's necessary, where your spiritual journey seems to be lacking heart.
The Rookie: Junior High Dating? (10/3/2008)
  A conversation with some girls opens the eyes of DCE Lea Mansell to the dating culture of junior high students.
A Guide to Internship: What Does This Mean? (5/29/2009)
  DCE Emily Norman shares some tips on how to thrive during DCE internship.
The Lukewarm Mission (9/5/2008)
  Servant Events are great opportunities for youth to grow in their faith, but they also provide growth opportunities for the youth worker.
Models in Relationships (4/14/2009)
  DCE Tommy Moll discusses ways youth workers often model unhealthy relationships, and how to change that.
Youth Ministry Basics: Starting the School Year (9/10/2009)
  Top ten ideas to help de-stress your schedule
Mind Over Matter (10/1/2004)
  Your mom was right you know, the bube-tube will rot your brain ...or worse yet steal your brain cells and time. Fight back; read some books.
Girl Talk: Seize your Miriam Moments (10/3/2008)
  Learn from Miriam how to praise God in every moment.
Girl Talk: Seize Your Priscilla Moments (11/5/2008)
  Follow Priscilla's example of leadership.
Girl Talk: Seize Your Sarah Moments! (1/5/2009)
  Learn leadership from Sarah
Girl Talk: Seize your Esther Moments (8/4/2008)
  God used Esther to influence a king and change the fate of a nation. In what way is God calling you to be a woman of influence?
Girl Talk: Seize your Martha Moments (9/5/2008)
  Learn from Martha to ask the tough questions.
Girl Talk: Seize Your Anna Moments! (12/8/2008)
  Embrace change and seize your Anna moments!
Top 10 Tips on Being a Leader in Your Congregation (1/22/2010)
  We have all faced tough leadership situations. Here are ten suggestions that may help you lead in your congregations.
Betwixt: Learning the Kind of Leader You Are (3/13/2014)
  Listen to the counsel of the people around you to determine the kind of leader you are.
Betwixt: The Sin that Swallows Church Workers (11/15/2013)
  The sins of pride and arrogance are the ones that often cripple church workers more than almost any other sins.
Betwixt: Who We're Really Doing it For (4/16/2013)
  It's not about what we're doing, but WHO we're doing it for.
Post-It Notes and the Pursuit of Perfection (2/26/2010)
  Setting goals is a constant learning process--and it's no easy task. DCE Cassie Moore offers some tips on how to set goals and stick with them.
Discipleship for the Youth Worker (7/30/2013)
  As you grow disciples, take the time to grow as a disciple yourself.
Real Outreach: Who's Teaching You? (12/19/2012)
  Are you learning outreach practices from people who are doing outreach well?
Real Outreach: Vision and Goals (3/25/2013)
  Cast the vision, set your goals, then cast the vision again.
Devotions: It's Just Too Much! (6/4/2013)
  a devotion of encouragement for the overworked and overwhelmed youth worker
All Things New: Who Do You Act Like? (11/26/2013)
  Who we spend time with makes a difference in what we act like.
All Things New: Vacation Bible School or Volunteers Becoming Servants? (8/21/2013)
  Vacation Bible School becomes a great chance to see volunteers in action.
All Things New: Find a Support System (10/16/2013)
  Who is sharpening you? It's important to turn to other people for advice, ideas or words of affirmation.
All Things New: Mid-Year Reflections (1/22/2014)
  Brandon reflects on the mid-year point of his internship and shares six key things he has learned.
All Things New: Moving Outside the Church Walls (3/19/2014)
  Serving outside of your congregation can enhance your service within it.
All Things New: Dealing with Low Attendance (2/25/2014)
  What does it mean when you have low attendance at an event, and how do you handle it?
All Things New: The Habit of Meeting Together (3/11/2014)
  Get in the habit of meeting together to support and encourage.
All Things New: Meeting New Family at a Family Reunion (8/5/2013)
  A trip to the National Youth Gathering was a great chance to become closer to the church family.
All Things New: The Challenge of Challenging Youth (9/19/2013)
  Youth are used to receiving challenges. So, how is the church challenging them?
All Things New: Being a Team Player (11/4/2013)
  As you youth worker, you're always part of a team ministry.
All Things New: Keep the Dream Alive (4/4/2014)
  Lay a solid foundation for keeping your ministry dreams alive.
All Things New: The Waiting Game (4/16/2014)
  So what are you waiting for in your ministry? What is it that you are looking forward to that will take you to the "next step" with your group?
All Things New: The Body of Christ (7/24/2013)
  The first week of DCE internship offers some important lessons on the body of Christ
All Things New: What are we doing wrong? (12/12/2013)
  Why are we losing so many young people after they leave our groups?
All Things New: Becoming a Better Servant Leader (1/9/2014)
  What does it mean for the youth worker to be a servant leader?
All Things New: Lock-In Lessons (2/5/2014)
  Everything you do in youth ministry needs a purpose.
Married to a Youth Worker-One Husband's Story (6/1/2005)
  Many of our readers know what it feels like to be "married to the church" in their work. But what is it like to be married to a church worker? This article shares one husband's story.

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