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What I Love about Senior High Youth (7/1/2004)
  Jeremy Becker, Minister to Senior High Youth for Concordia Lutheran Church, Kirkwood, Mo., takes a minute to share the blessings and unique privileges in working with high school students.
What I Love about Junior High Youth (7/1/2004)
  A Jr. High student is a different sort of animal, and it takes a special person to "tame" him. In this article, DCE Jeff Meinz offers some advice on giving this unique age-group the spiritual food they need to survive.
From Where I Sit: The Challenges and Joys of Youth Ministry (11/12/2010)
  Terry Dittmer, director of LCMS Youth Ministry, discusses the challenges and joys of Youth Ministry.
The Joys of Youth Ministry (10/29/2010)
  What are the greatest joys of working/volunteering in youth ministry?

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