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Planning a Youth Service Opportunity (6/1/2005)
  Servant Events are an excellent way to teach youth how to put their faith into action. This short article equips you with the tools you need to create a servant event for your youth group or congregation.
Painting the Town the Colors of the Gospel (5/1/2004)
  In 2003, Faith Lutheran Church of Topeka, KS, hosted the unique, exciting Servant Event, Flowering Your Faith. At this Event, youth servants worked to construct large murals throughout the city of Topeka. These murals held a deliberate focus on the Trinity. Painting these murals gave youth a great opportunity for outreach, in addition to being pieces for outreach inherently. Read on to learn more about hosting a similar Event for your congregation!
Congregations Reaching Out (1/1/2004)
  When the opportunity to reach out as a church to your community comes knocking you can eagerly say, "Sure!" This article offers some proof of how doing so can be an enormous blessing.
Servant Event: Top 10 Ways to Increase Financial Resources (2/24/2014)
  Top 10 ways to increase your servant event's financial resources.
Servant Events: Top 10 Ways to Build Community (2/3/2014)
  Ways to build community on a Servant Event
Servant Events: Top 10 Things to Remember After Your Event (2/25/2014)
  Top 10 things to remember after your servant event
It's Your Serve: Preparing to Host Your First Servant Event (3/19/2014)
  This resource provides an overview of how to help your students serve children, youth, families and adults in your church and community and leave behind a "fingerprint of faith."
Servant Events: Top 10 Things to Remember Before Your Event (2/18/2014)
  Top 10 Things to Remember Before Your Servant Event
Servant Events: Top 10 Ways to Put Your Service into Focus (2/26/2014)
  Top 10 ways to put your service into focus at a servant event.
Servant Events: Top 10 Ways to Make Bible Study Work (2/26/2014)
  Top 10 ways to make Bible study work at your servant event
Servant Events: Top 10 Ways to Incorporate Adults at Your Event (2/7/2014)
  Ways to incorporate adults at your event
Servant Events: Top 10 Ways to Manage Risk (2/12/2014)
  Top 10 ways to manage risk on a servant event
Servant Events: Top 10 Lists (2/7/2014)
  Top 10 lists to make your Servant Event the best experience it can be for your youth
Serve Locally (3/22/2013)
  Why serve locally? Why not?
Value and Joy of Family Service (1/1/2004)
  This Parenting Point by Mary Halberg discusses the value of service and how families might deliberately serve together and thus come much closer to one another in Christ.
Servant Hearts in Middle School (3/29/2013)
  Middle school is a great time to teach youth to exercise their servant hearts. This article includes some tips on how to do it well.
How to Plan a Servant Event (3/15/2013)
  Planning a servant event doesn't have to be difficult. Follow these four steps to get started.

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