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Sex Talks Resource Kit

Sex Talks

ABC Family's new teen drama "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" has made public the not-so-secret idea that the American teen's life is consumed with sex who's having it and who's not, when they're going to have it and with whom, etc. And it's wildly popular among teens!


Where teenage sexuality was once the subject of after-school specials and one-time cautionary episodes of TV shows, there are now TV shows being written with teens having sex as the primary storyline. There are even movies about it. And have you checked out the young adult section of your local bookstore lately? Everywhere you go you can see sexually explicit messages directed towards teenagers. And the message is anything but dont have sex until youre married.
With that in mind, the LCMS Youth Ministry Office has prepared this special resource kit for you. The following talk sheets and studies can help guide your conversations with youth.
by Travis Hartjen, DCE
by Rev. David Moerbe
by Julianna Shults, DCE
by Mark Thompson, DCE
by Rev. Paul Goeke
by Micah Steiner, DCE
by Helen Jameson
How will you use these talk sheets? Share your ideas and suggestions in the comment box below!

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