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Helping Youth Who Hurt: A Resource Kit

Think about the youth in your group. Picture each one of them. Who are they? What is their family life like? Or their school and social life? How do you think they deal with the daily pressures of teenage life? Do they have healthy ways of expressing themselves? Are they able to balance everything? What do they need from you?

What about the ones on the fringes of the group? The ones who wear long sleeves and pants in the summer...the ones with the bloodshot eyes...the ones who seem to be bubbling with rage and anger...the ones who look thinner and thinner each time you see them...the ones who are hurting and don't know how to deal with the pain.... These kids need something special from you, but what is it? And how do you help them?
It is our hope that these articles, talk sheets, and Bible studies will be helpful to you as you walk with youth through their struggles.


How to be a Leader Who Helps, by DCE Scotte Hansen
When Tragedy Strikes, by Mark Novacek
Just to Say Hi, by Rev. Joe Cox
Whats a Person to Do?  When to Get Help with Alcohol and Other Drug Issues in Youth, by Marilyn Bader from the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse St. Louis Area

Talk Sheet: Cut to the Heart, by Dr. Jacob Youmans

Talk Sheet: Not My Student?! A Look at Helping the Student Caught in Drug and Alcohol Abuse, by DCE Kyle Frazier


Published March 2010 

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