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For the Girls: Opposites Attract

When talking about dating and relationships with youth, it can be effective to divide the group along gender lines. Have an adult male lead a discussion for guys and an adult female lead a discussion for girls.
One of the most important things, in any relationship, is to understand the other person and honor how they recognize love.
This talk sheet will help you walk girls through this discussion, recognizing the different ways men and women feel loved. It is written for girls; however, with some adaptations, it could also provide some good talking points for guys.
Download the PDF of Opposites Attract
Here is a "sneak peek" of the study:

There are obvious differences in men and women.

One of the most important things, in any relationship, is to understand the other person and honor how they recognize love.

Dealing with women

Ask the group: in general, what are some ways that women feel loved?
After a few thoughts are shared, discuss the following
Openness- we want men to share their feelings, their difficulties
  • We want full responses (not random grunting while watching TV)

Understanding- don't try to fix us, just listen'. Husbands, generally, are better built to analyze, give answers, and ultimately fix' the situation at hand.

  • We want them to not dismiss our feelings, not interrupt us, and to not try to fix our problems' unless we ask for a solution.
Ask: what does this mean to be esteemed'?
  • To feel honored and cherished.
  • We want a husband to speak highly of us in front of others. We want encouragement, praise, and kindness. We want someone who notices something different about our hair or clothes.

Lauren Nietubicz was born and raised in Texas where she graduated from Concordia University Texas in 2005.  Lauren and her husband, Chris, are blessed to live in Houston where she serves as the High School Youth Minister at Trinity Lutheran Church in Klein, TX.  She pursued DCE ministry to fulfill her desire to serve and honor God by helping teens learn about the love and grace of our Lord and Savior.

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