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Six Shades of Purple: Chancel Dramas for Lent

Chancel Dramas for Six Lenten Services
 Each of the dramas is built on a Series C Gospel for Lent. They are intentionally short and require a minimum of rehearsal. Each has few characters, making recruitment less burdensome. The dramas are parables, meant to highlight themes in the day's Gospel. They are designed to take 5-10 minutes in the service and call for little costuming or set design.
Use of these dramas might include presenting them as introductions to the Gospel, as springboards for sermons, or as discussion pieces before or after church.
If these dramas in any way prod repentance, ask for Easter or make purple a color approaching hope, they will have reached their mark.
The focus section which introduces each drama will help in understanding its thrust. You may wish to print the focus section in your bulletin or read it before the drama is presented.
For Lent 1, based on Luke 4:1-13
People in church are not always what they seem. They have their wildernesses where struggles with sin, death, and the devil thrive. Still, they are victorious people in Christ.
For Lent 2, based on Luke 13:31-35
Focus: Jesus loved Jerusalem and its people with a tender, compassionate heart. He looked on its failures with warm loving kindness. Jesus still deals compassionately with us and offers a dream of something better.
For Lent 3, based on Luke 13:1-9
Focus: God is patient with us. He doesn't discard us for our shortcomings, but nurtures us to spiritual wholeness.
For Lent 4, based on Luke 15:1-3, 11:32
Focus: Some people miss the partying nature of God. They are the people for whom the Lord is but a judge.
For Lent 5, based on Luke 20:9-19
Focus: Though some reject the cornerstone that is Jesus Christ, others find it and there banquet on the grace of God.
For Lent 6, based on Luke 19:28-40
Focus: Jesus comes in ways unexpected. His is not the way of proud glory and strutting honors. He chooses instead the quiet path of humility and service.

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