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Esther: God's Big Plans

This one-part Bible study considers the story of Esther and the big plans God had for her life.
Topics: Biblical Case Studies, Life After Youth Group, Relationships

As Esther grew up, the dreams she had for herself likely did not include becoming queen nor saving the entire Jewish race. However, Gods dreams are often bigger than our own. Raised by her cousin Mordecai, it is obvious that Esther learned to seek Gods voice above the many conflicting voices around her, including Mordecais. When Esther was faced with a life or death situation, not just for her but also all of the Jews, she looked to her relationship with Mordecai and other trusted people around her, as well as to God to make her decision and gain strength to follow through. In this lesson, students will:
  • Discuss the difficulty of getting older and becoming more independent while at the same time obeying and honoring authority figures in their lives.
  • Learn from Esthers example for how to make tough decisions in their lives.
  • Be reminded that God has big dreams for them and be encouraged to step up and live the dreams God has for them, the biggest of which is to be in relationship with Him.

Download the PDF of Esther: God's Big Plans.

Rebekah Freed is a Kansas girl who went to college in the cornfields of Nebraska before being sent to Tonawanda, New York, in 2010 on her DCE internship at First Trinity Lutheran Church.  She joyfully continues to serve there as the Director of High School and Young Adult Ministries. In the few warm months that WNY has, Bekah enjoys spending time outside hiking, facilitating the high ropes course at a nearby camp, or visiting the many parks in the area.  The rest of the year, she bundles up inside reading, writing, playing her guitar and wishing it was warm out.
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