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Word One Bible Study: Advent 1 Epistle

Wake Up! Get Dressed!

Text: Romans 13:(8-10)11-14 for the First Sunday in Advent, Lectionary Series A

Download a PDF of the Bible Study Wake Up! Get Dressed! - Advent 1 Epistle

Participants will clothe themselves in actions that demonstrate their faith in Christ's coming.

Materials Needed
3x5 cards
Group Guidelines
Select a person to arrive a few minutes late to the Bible study wearing an outfit no one would expect (leather jacket and chains; swim trunks and a T-shirt). Give kids a chance to react. Ask why they think you
should or shouldn't wear this to Bible class. Have them comment on specific parts of the outfit and what they communicate about someone who wears them. After you are finished, divide the group into small groups of 5-6. Select as group leader the person whose birthday is farthest away from Christmas.
Building Community
 Discuss the following questions in the small groups:
  1. Do your clothes say something about who you are?
  2. Do they indicate what is on the inside?
  3. Why do you wear the type of clothes that you do?
Looking at God's Word
  1.  Read Romans 13:11-14 as a whole group and discuss the following questions.
    1. What type of clothing are we talking about?
    2. Does this outer clothing say something about who you are?
  2. Have each group read one of the following verses and answer the questions that follow. Share the answers with the large group. Luke 2:6-7; Luke 9:28-32; or Luke 23:50-54.
    1. What type of clothes was Christ wearing in each situation?
    2. What does that tell us about Him?
    3. How does this help you understand what it means to clothe yourself with Christ?
  3. In the small groups, give the youth ten minutes to write down on newsprint all the ways they can clothe themselves with Jesus. Have a new group leader, the person whose birthday is closest to Christmas, read the responses.
Reinforcing What Has Been Learned
  1.  Give each youth a 3x5 card and a pen/pencil. Ask them to write down two specific ways they can clothe themselves with Christ before Christmas. Have them fold the cards and put their name on the outside.
  2. Collect the cards and select one volunteer to mail these cards to them one week before Christmas to remind them of their new wardrobe.
Have everyone form a tight circle with their arms around each other's shoulders. Tell them this is a one-word popcorn prayer. One volunteer will start and finish, but instead of sentences or phrases, participants say one word to communicate the prayer that is on their heart.
Originally published in Discovery Bible Studies 8, studies on the Epistle readings for lectionary series A, in 1995.
 Republished and revised in October 2013 for thESource.

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