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Bible Study: Wanted: Dead AND Alive - Baptism of our Lord

Text:  Romans 6:1-11 for the First Sunday after Epiphany/Baptism of our Lord, Lectionary Series A

Download a PDF of the Bible study Wanted: Dead AND Alive - Baptism of Our Lord Epistle



Participants will:

Identify that we are dead to sin through Jesus Christ.

Explore the unity we have with Jesus in His death and resurrection.


Materials Needed


Pencil or Pen


Group Guidelines

Divide up into groups of 5-8. The leader is the one who can do the best John Wayne (or any cowboy) imitation. The leader will see that the group follows the lesson as outlined assuring that everyone has an opportunity to share, and that no one dominates the discussion.


Building Community

Going around the group, give each person an opportunity to respond to this statement. Share why you chose that answer.


If I lived in the old west, you would most likely find me hanging around the. . .


Blacksmith's Shop



Home Fire

School House


Sheriff's Office



Looking at God's Word

Read Romans 6:1-2.
A "wanted" poster indicates that the town sheriff is looking for someone because a law has been violated.
Based on this passage, we are not "WANTED: DEAD" even though we deserve death because of our violation of God's law. What is "WANTED:DEAD?"
For personal reflection:  What actions, thoughts, words or activities that you are involved in would be on your "wanted" poster? Take a minute to list those things on your wanted poster. 

2. How does that sin, which is "WANTED:DEAD," die?

3. To take this cowboy theme a step further, let's say Jesus is the sheriff. He is a sheriff that guides and protects. In addition, He creates and upholds the law. While He never broke any of the laws, He decides to turn Himself in for the things on your wanted poster. He dies for those things.
This portion of Scripture talks about how we are united with Christ. We are united with Christ in His death through what? Read Romans 6:4a.
For what purpose? Read Romans 6:4b.


Reinforcing What Has Been Learned

1. Read Romans 6:6-8. Discuss this statement. Now, instead of being an outlaw, we have been made a deputy.


The wanted poster has changed in town. It now reads "WANTED:ALIVE." Read Romans 6:9-10. Sketch your face in the wanted poster.



Everyone in the group should participate in a chain prayer, starting with the leader.


Originally published in Discovery Bible Studies 8, studies on the Epistle readings for lectionary series A, in 1995.


Republished and revised in January 2014 for thESource.


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