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Word One Bible Study: Transfiguration Epistle

Text: 2 Peter 1:16-21 for The Transfiguration of Our Lord, Lectionary Series A

Download a PDF of the Word One Bible Study for Transfiguration Epistle

Participants will:
Identify the purposes of the Transfiguration.
Discover the significance the Transfiguration holds for them today.

Materials Needed

Group Guidelines
If your group is larger, divide into groups of 5-6. Choose as leader the person who has seen the most movies in the last two weeks. The leader should find a volunteer to open in prayer. The leaders job is to facilitate discussion among all the members in your group. Everyone should get an equal opportunity to share. They should also feel free to pass when the discussion comes to them.

Building Community
Have each person in the group share a biblical person they would like to have been. Have each participant share why they chose the person they did and what that person might have seen.

Looking at Gods Word
1.Read through the Transfiguration account as it is recorded in Mark 9:1-10. Picture it as though you were seeing it in a movie. List the following:
Special effects
Cast of characters and roles they play
2.Read 2 Peter 1:16-19. How is Peters account of the Transfiguration different from a movie (verse 16)?
3.What was God the Father doing for His Son in the Transfiguration (verse 17)?
4.What did the Apostles receive from witnessing the Transfiguration (verse 18)?
5.How is being united with Christ like the camera light that shines into a dark theater (verse 19)?
6.According to verses 20-21, what must we understand and "do well to heed about Gods Word?

Reinforcing What Has Been Learned
1.Think back to the splendor of the Transfiguration account. In what ways do you think we might be getting a preview of heaven?
2.What comfort and assurance do you find from the words God spoke to Jesus, "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased (verse 17b). List the responses from your group.
3.Complete one or both of the following statements:
In this Bible study I noticed that I...
In the Bible study I learned that...

Close with a prayer thanking God for the assurance He gives us through His word. Have everyone add their own special assurance for which they are thankful.


Originally published in Discovery Bible Studies 8, studies on the Epistle readings for lectionary series A, in 1995.

Republished and revised in February 2014 for thESource.

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