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Word One Bible Study: Lent 4 Epistle

Text: Ephesians 5:8-14 for the fourth Sunday in Lent, Lectionary Series A

Download a PDF of Word One Bible Study for Lent 4 Epistle.

Participants will, through studying various Scripture references to light, gain a deeper understanding of what it means to live as children of light.

Materials Needed
Candles and candle holders

Group Guidelines
Form small discussion groups of 5-6 people. Provide a candle, candle holder and matchbook for each group and a pencil for each person. Select as group leader the person with the lightest color of hair; it will be his/her responsibility to keep the group moving through each exercise and to make sure that each member of the group has an opportunity to participate in the discussion.

Building Community
1.Sit in a small circle; light your candle and place it in the center.
2.Think about how you would complete the following sentence:
a.People know that I am a Christian because...
3.Go around the circle, allowing each participant to share his/her answer with the group.

Looking at God's Word
The leader may ask for volunteers to read the Bible passages given for each section below.
1.Read Ephesians 5:8-14. What significance do you see in Paul's use of the following contrasting terms in this passage?
a.darkness and light
b.fruit and fruitless
c.secret and visible

2.The following Scripture passages contain references to light. How might they apply to us as Christians in a non-Christian world?
a.1 John 2:9-11, 2 Peter 1:19, Romans 13:12-14, Matthew 5:14-16
3.Read Psalm 32:8 and answer the following (check as many as you wish:
a.To me, this passage is a source of ____joy _____hope ____comfort _____encouragement ____power ____relief
4.Discuss your answers among your group.

Reinforcing What Has Been Learned
1.In today's assigned reading, Scripture tells us that " were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord."
a.When did this transition take place in your life?
b.What are some of the responsibilities God gives us as His lights in the world?
2.Take a couple of minutes to write down your thoughts on one or two of the following statements:
a.In this study of Scripture passages on light, the thing I found most
i.comforting was....
ii.surprising was...
iii.helpful was...
iv.enlightening was...
3.Share your thoughts with your group.
4.Reassemble; sit or stand in a circle and place your lighted candles in the center.
5.Take a moment or two to think about specific areas of your life in which you need God's guidance right now. Keep these in mind during the closing prayer.

Close with a prayer asking the Holy Spirit to guide us in living as children of light. Allow a few moments of silence so that participants may bring their individual concerns before the Lord.



Originally published in Discovery Bible Studies 8, studies on the Epistle readings for lectionary series A, in 1995.

Republished and revised in March 2014 for youthESource.

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