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Word One Bible Study: Lent 2 Old Testament

On the Road Again--Abram Hears a Call

Text: Genesis 12:1-9 for the Second Sunday in Lent, Lectionary Series A

Download a PDF of the Word One Bible Study for Lent 2 Old Testament.

Participants will:
1.See God at work in the lives of the people whom He loves.
2.Be willing to listen to the ways God calls to them in their lives.
3.Believe that God blesses those who answer His call, just as He blessed Abraham.

Group Guidelines
This Bible study works best with small groups of 6-8 people. If you are in a larger group, break into smaller groups and choose someone to be the group leader. Choose as group leader someone who has never (or almost never) been the leader. Volunteer for this job if you feel led to do so.

The leader tries to involve everyone in the group discussion and keep track of the time so that all participants will have an opportunity to share if they feel comfortable doing so.

Getting Started
1.Read Genesis 12:1-9, letting each person read at least one verse.
2.Answer the following questions:
a.When I hear people talk about God "calling" someone, I think:
___I wonder why He never calls me?
___If He called me, He'd probably get a busy signal!
___He doesn't call people anymore.
b.The people I know who have been called by God are all
___Bible characters
c.If God were to call me today to some special purpose I would feel
___scared silly
___ready to hide under a rock
d.Of the Bible characters called by God for a special task, I can identify best with
___Adam and Eve (take care of the garden)
___Moses (lead the people of Egypt)
___Jonah (be an evangelist)
___Mary and Martha (be a friend)
e.Of the people I know who are called today I can best identify with
___my pastor
___Billy Graham
___Mother Theresa
___my parents
___I don't know anyone called by God today
f.Discuss your answers and reasons for them.
3.Read Genesis 12:1-9 once again. When God told Abraham to "Hit the road," He promised him some really great rewards. Which do you find to be the most impressive:
___all the land
___all the people that would come from his family
__the promise that he would be famous
4.Make a list of the reasons Abram might have found for not obeying the call. Make another list of reasons why people might not listen to God's call today. Are they similar?

Reinforcing What Has Been Learned
1.Take five minutes to write short endings to this sentence:
a."In this section from Genesis, God is saying to me..."
Share those endings with your group.
2.Finish this short sentence:
"Meeting with this group of people has taught me the following about God's loving presence in my life."
Share responses with the group.

Close your Bible study with a group prayer in which each person adds a sentence of praise to God for His presence in our lives.

Originally published in Discovery Bible Studies V, studies on the Old Testament readings for lectionary series A, in 1992.

Republished and revised in March 2014 for youthESource.

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