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Word One Bible Study: Lent 4 Old Testament

Seeing with the Eyes of God

Text: Isaiah 42:14-21 for the fourth Sunday in Lent, Lectionary Series A

Download a PDF of the Word One Bible Study for Lent 4 Old Testament.

Participants will:
1.Discover things that blind them to God's will.
2.realize that we need God's help to overcome our spiritual blindness.

Materials Needed
Bible, sheet of paper, pencil for each participant, newsprint and markers, and two or three obstacle courses similar to the following:

Design a course that includes obstacles that would be difficult or impossible for a blind person to accomplish without some outside assistance. For example, have along the path an obstacle to step or climb over. Then have an object like a pencil or piece of paper to pick up. A closed Bible that would have to be opened to Isaiah 42:14-21. And finally retrace your steps and return to your place of origin. Be sure to leave lots of space between each station on the course. Feel free to add an additional obstacle or substitute one of your own.

Group Guidelines
Have the entire group form a line along the wall three separate times, using the following criteria one at a time:
a.alphabetical by last name
b.birth day
After the last line is formed, have the group count off in equal groups of no more than five. When groups are formed, designate the tallest person as leader.

Getting Started
1.Instruct the leader not to speak. The rest of the group may talk, but must keep their eyes closed. Now instruct each leader to move their group through the obstacle course giving only verbal commands. If they make an error they must start over. Allow 20 minutes for this.
2.In the large group, answer the following questions:
a.What did it feel like to be a leader?
b.what did it feel like to be blind?
c.How did it help being able to hear?
d.How did it help being able to see?
e.What kind of obstacles did you encounter, both physical and relational?
3.Return to small groups. Think of the obstacle course as your life. As you try to find God's will for your life, what obstacles do you run into? What blinds you to God's guiding voice? Write your answers individually and share them with your group.

Getting into Scripture
Look up Isaiah 42:14-21 and have different people read each verse. Discuss ways that God has cleared the way through the "mountains and hills" of your lives. What reassurance does verse 16 offer when we face "rough roads" in our lives?

In your small group, pray for the person to your right, asking God to guide their way and remove the obstacles they face.

Originally published in Discovery Bible Studies V, studies on the Old Testament readings for lectionary series A, in 1992.

Republished and revised in March 2014 for youthESource.

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