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Word One Bible Study: Lent 3 Old Testament

A Washing Away of Sin

Text: Exodus 17:1-7 for the third Sunday in Lent, Lectionary Series A

Download a PDF of the Word One Bible study for Lent 3 Old Testament.

To help each participant understand Baptism.
2.To help each participant see Christ as the rock of our Salvation.

Materials Needed:
Small Rocks
Bowl of Water
Lutheran Service Book (LSB)

Group Guidelines:
This is a small group Bible Study. Please prepare by having a piano player join you, if possible. (You may chose to speak the hymn.) The pastor or DCE will lead the discussion. You will need to be in groups of 5-8. Organize yourselves by birthday, and then divide into smaller groups.

Building Community:
Take time to introduce each other. Have each of the participants take a small rock. Go around the group and tell of a story when you thought it wouldn't turn out quite right, but it did in the end. As you tell your story put the rock into the water.

Getting into Scripture:
Read Exodus 17:1-7 out loud either as a group or one by one.
What do the people grumble about?
To whom do they grumble?
What is Moses' reaction? To whom does he speak?
The Lord instructs Moses to gather some of the elders and his _____________ which he used to strike the Nile (See Exodus 7:20) and pass before the people. Where are they to go?
Who will be with Moses and will stand before him?
Read 1 Corinthians 10:4.
Who is the Rock?
Jesus calls Himself the stone that the builders rejected that has become the chief cornerstone. What is a cornerstone?
How are we grafted into that building? See 1 Peter 2:5.
Open your LSB to page 325. What is the third part to the Baptism section?
4. Apart from God, the people of Israel would have died in the wilderness. However, He takes care of their needs and provides their daily bread (including drinking water). We were dead in our trespasses, but God used water to make us alive again. How did He do that?

Reinforcing What Has Been Learned
As you put your rock in the bowl of water, what happened to the water level? It continued to rise with each rock...and if you had enough rocks, it even overflowed. Luther once said, concerning Baptism, "[God] sanctified and instituted all waters to be a blessed flood and a lavish washing away of sin." Indeed, God's love for us has become a blessed flood, having first swept us away in Baptism and then again and again by His Word and Sacraments. God provides for us in our need through His Son Jesus Christ our Lord.

Let us pray.

Almighty and most merciful God and Father, we thank and praise you that you graciously preserve and enlarge your family and have granted us the new birth in Holy Baptism and have made us members of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, and heirs of your heavenly kingdom. Keep us in our baptismal grace, that according to your good pleasure we may faithfully grow and lead a godly life to the praise and honor of your holy name and finally, with all your saints, obtain the promised inheritance in heaven; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Published March 2014

Steven Cholak is a Lutheran Pastor (crux sola est nostra theologia); husband to Stephanie; living in Saint Louis, Missouri. He loves coffee, Apple Computers, his iPhone 4, and his iPad. He studied at Concordia Chicago and Concordia Theological Seminary. He loves to hike, sail, read, bike and shoot guns. He is the Special Ministries Project Coordinator for the LCMS Office of National Mission's Youth Ministry Department.

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