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Word One Bible Study: Lent 3 Epistle

In Suffering and Joy

Text: Romans 5:1-8 for the third Sunday in Lent, Lectionary Series A

Download a PDF of the Word One Bible Study for Lent 3 Epistle.

1.To help each participant understand faith's place in the life of a Christian.
2.To help each participant see the Love of God for us in our troubles and joys.

Materials Needed:
Index Cards
Lutheran Service Book (LSB)
Color Markers

Group Guidelines:
This is a small group Bible Study. Please prepare by having a piano player join you, if possible. (You may chose to speak the hymn.) The pastor or DCE will lead the discussion.

Building Community:
Take time to introduce each other. Have each of the participants write a moment of suffering on one side of their index card. Go around the room and talk about the context of each of these moments. Do the same thing on the other side of the card with moments of rejoicing. Define in your own words, "hope." Jesus says He will never forsake us and that He is with us in our sorrows and in our joys. How has Jesus promised to be with us?
Getting into Scripture:
1. Open your hymnal to "Lord, Thee I love with All My Heart" (LSB 708). Say or sing stanza one. Have one participant share something that popped out at them in that stanza.
2. Now have someone read Romans 5:1-5.
3. Define/talk about: grace, justification, peace with God and rejoice or joy.
4. Before we had been justified by grace, what were we? See Ephesians 2:1.
5. How do grace and mercy relate?
6. Say or sing stanza 2 of LSB 708. What stands out here?
7. What does Saint Paul say we rejoice in?
8. What does suffering produce? Do you have any examples from your index cards?
9. God leads us into hope. Even in all our sorrow and even death, God's love has been poured into __________________ by the Holy Spirit.
10 .Read the rest of the passage (Romans 5:6-8).
11. At what time did Jesus come? See Galatians 4:4.
12. Say or sing the last stanza of the hymn. Many pastors sing (or lead the congregation in singing) this last stanza at the committal service at a funeral. Why would that be appropriate?
13. To what does Saint Paul and the hymn writer point us?
14. How does God show us His love?

Reinforcing What Has Been Learned
The second commandment talks about having God's name to use and praise. The first petition of the Lord's Prayer, "Hallowed be thy name," reminds us that God's name is holy in itself, but it is kept holy when we lead holy lives according to it. In all the ups and downs of life, we have a God who stays with us in love and mercy. He has given us His name to call upon in our sorrow and even when we rejoice and give thanks. He promises to hear every word we speak to Him.

Pray for the sick and the sorrows of your community. You may conclude by saying the Lord's Prayer together.

Published March 2014

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