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Word One Bible Study: Easter 4 First Reading

Growing in Faith

Text: Acts 2:42-47 for the fourth Sunday in Easter, lectionary series A

Download a PDF of the Word One Bible Study for Easter 4 First Reading.

Theme: Bible study, conversation, prayer and the sacraments are all important elements of living out and growing in our Christian faith.



Participants will:

  • Understand the importance of the fellowship of believers.
  • Learn the role of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the Apostles.

  • Understand the presence of Jesus in their lives..
  • Discover ways they can encourage one another in the Christian community.

Materials Needed







Group Guidelines

If its a small group, do all the activities together. If you have more than 7 people, split up into groups of 3-4 for various activities. If there are additional adults, make sure each group has an adult in the group; otherwise the oldest student is the group leader. Discuss in small groups (and write down answers using newsprint and markers) and then share in large groups to provide the opportunity for extended learning and understanding.


Building Community

Share with the group what activity you most enjoy in church and/or youth group and why.


Looking at God's Word

Read Acts 2:42-47.

Small groups will read the passage together and answer the following questions, writing answers on newsprint w/ markers or on paper with pens:

  1. List the types of activities that the believers participated in according to verse 42. Do these activities sound similar to activities you participate in at church?

  2. How do you think the apostles were able to perform signs and miracles?

  3. If Jesus was no longer with the apostles and believers, why do you think they continued to believe and engage in Christian activities together? Why do we participate in these types of activities today?

  4. You likely dont own property as it states in verse 45; in what other ways can you help those in need?

  5. What important worship element can we equate today with the phrase, "They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people.


Reinforcing What Has Been Learned

In small groups, using newsprint and markers, brainstorm some creative ways to participate in the fellowship of believers. This may include activities inside of the church, but also opportunities to serve and fellowship in the community, too.


The following questions may aid in the discussion:

Why is it important to serve in our church and community?

  • What do all the activities and events we participate in, have in common?

  • How can we share the love of Jesus in each new activity we brainstorm?


Discuss in the large group how you can work together to follow through on a few of these activities in the future.



Pray for the opportunities you brainstormed as a group, that steps can be taken to fulfill each one and that those who participate may share the love of Jesus Christ with each one.


Emily (Norman) Phoenix Emily (Norman) Phoenix graduated from Concordia University, Seward and received her DCE certification in 2008. She is currently serving at Galilee Lutheran Church in Pasadena, MD. She pursued DCE ministry to fulfill her desire to serve God in many and various ways. "I really enjoy the opportunity to work with all ages and help them understand and apply their faith in Jesus Christ in their lives."
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