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The scene is the same in churches of different denominations across the country. There's a special youth trip or activity coming up, and it takes money to make it happen. Where do you begin?
Somehow it would be easier to simply assess each young person going on the trip his or her share of the expenses. But ease isn't the name of the game. In fact, the positives of active and creative fundraising far outweigh the negatives of the time and trouble you might incur. In the following resources, you'll discover information and tips on how to raise funds with your youth group. You'll also find out how to create a positive attitude and establish a game plan to help everyone involved become excited about your youth group fund raisers. And, we have some great fundraisers you can use with your group!
How-Tos and Tips
While there is certainly theological basis for fundraising to further the sharing of the Gospel with all people, perhaps you wonder what you can do to better your fundraising efforts besides praying more. Although we would encourage you to engross yourself in prayer, there is more to fundraising than solely praying and hoping.
Is fundraising, or not fundraising, accomplishing the goals and purpose of youth ministry? If you have answered this question already, now is a good time to think about it.
Fundraising with Teens, by Margaret Hinchey
This PDF booklet contains great information on planning fundraisers, working with a committee, establishing a game plan, establishing accounting procedures, managing publicity and more!
A quick reference of things to keep in mind when planning fundraisers.
Youth workers from around the country share their ideas and tips on fundraising policies.
This sample policy comes from Jeremy Becker and Concordia Lutheran Church in Kirkwood, Missouri.
Fundraiser Ideas
No-Show Ball, by Jay Reed
This could be one of the easiest fundraisers to plan, and a great one if your target audience is busy people!
Trivia Night, by Steve Meyer
Trivia Nights are huge in St. Louis. Learn how to host a trivia night at your church.
Turn your church parking lot into a drive-in scene from the 1950's and make money while you have fun!
The traditional "we wash your car and you pay us" tends to be a lot of work for little money. Here are some variations that actually raise money.
Purchase or seek donations of goods and services to be sold at an auction.
Everyone needs to eat let the money they spend on food support the youth!
A cheap and easy fund-raiser that says "thanks" to the congregation for their help with your last trip, and kick-off your fundraising for the next trip.
Encourage congregation members to donate their unneeded stuff for the youth to sell!
Offer a service and ask for sponsors or payment.
This is a popular activity where youth members covertly cover someone's yard with a "flock" of pink plastic flamingos.
Encourage congregation members to "invest" in the youth.
Loose Change Fundraisers
Collect loose change in fun ways!
Some groups have made great money staffing concession stands at professional sporting events.
Some groups are able to raise funds by selling things.
Whether it's a popular card game or a sporting event, these community events can bring in funds for your group.
Collect pledges for the youth or youth leaders to participate in specific activities for a specific amount of time or distance.
We know how talented oru youth are, so why shouldn't we show them off to the rest of the congregation and make a few bucks to boot?

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